Black Angels


2018 – Black Angels is a music theatre performance by the Ragazze Quartet. It consists of three music pieces set to a video work that revolves around the concept of the screen as a closed ecosystem. A cycle of cause and effect confined in the framework of the movie screen that translates the topics of conflict and war found in the projects centre piece: Black Angels by George Crumb.

The images were created in collaboration with Coen Huisman as a 33 1/3 Collective production.

A first version of this project that solely included Crumb’s Black Angels was presented at Holland Festival 2017 on June 23rd 2017 in Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ. George Crumb was Holland Festival’s composer in focus. The full show that includes String Quartet no.1 op.25 by Benjamin Britten and And One of the Pharisees by Arvo Pärt premiered on October 5th 2018 at CC Amstel.


Musical performance by Ragazze Quartet and the Netherlands Chamber Choir
Video narrative by 33 1/3 Collective

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