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My name is Douwe Dijkstra (1984), I am a visual artist and filmmaker.

I create video work that is experimental in nature, often showing the construction of the image as part of the narrative. A returning topic in my work is the way society deals with the use of media and media perception. My projects range from short films and documentaries to video installations. Sometimes a video installation becomes a short film. Occasionally I show work in museums/galleries or public spaces, from time to time I do commissioned works

A behind the scenes look at my practice can be found on my instagram page.

Together with Jules van Hulst and Coen Huisman I founded 33⅓ Collective, a multimeda platform that worked on various visual theatrical projects from 2008 till 2019. In 2019 33⅓ stopped, the collective’s website now serves as its archive.

+31 (0) 645476593

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