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My name is Douwe Dijkstra (1984), I am a visual artist and filmmaker.

As an individual artist I mostly create video work that is experimental in nature, ranging from short films or documentaries to video installations. Now and then I show work in museums/galleries and sometimes I do commissioned works. In my short films I try to deal with the use of media and media perception, often using my work’s making-of as part of the narrative.

Together with Jules van Hulst and Coen Huisman I founded 33⅓ Collective. As a group of visual artists we try to expand our individual areas of work. Exploring the use of multimedia environments, projections and performances to tell our stories. Among the collective’s projects is Bluebeard, a video mapping opera that travelled to Rotterdam, Glasgow, New York and Paris.

In 2006 I helped start Festina Lente Collective. A creative Amsterdam based network/agency. In addition to several commissioned projects, I worked with them on a music video for the Dutch band The Kift.

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