2014 - War is waged on the kitchen table while a man drinks coffee. The world’s on fire. Helicopters shred his newspaper, a drone fires at a plate of broccoli. Démontable is a playful film on the absurd relationship between daily life and global news.

As a short film, Démontable is a reinterpretation of the material originally seen in the 3 screen installation of the same name. This installation was shown in the exhibition DoorDouweDémontable is a new exploration of these films, on one screen, in one director’s cut.

The film had it’s premiere during the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2014.

„It is admirable that Douwe Dijkstra creates a powerful and balanced film while flouting the conventions of traditional filmmaking. Where most productions make great efforts to conceal the use of green-screens, Démontable includes a look behind the scenes in it’s edit. It is choices like this that make for a idiosyncratic and contemporary film experiment.”
Dutch Film Festival 2014 jury for the Golden Calf competition, September 2014
Démontable was nominated for the Golden Calf for best short film

„The refreshing mix of absurdism, surprising visuals and great craftsmanship makes this film really stand out in this very strong selection. Without the use of conventional narratives, the filmmaker presented us a mind-blowing bombardment of visual ideas, a critical yet humoristic view on warfare and above all a revolutionary approach on storytelling.”
Go Short Festival 2014 jury for the Dutch competition. April 12th, 2014
Démontable was awarded a Special Mention for the VEVAM Go Short Award for best Dutch short film

„Easily, one of the best experimental films of the year!“
Tim Lukas Leinert, Curator Filmfestival Oberursel, August, 2014
Démontable was awarded the second place for the jury prize at the Filmfestival Oberursel

„By reducing the human body, Démontable by Douwe Dijkstra, creates a new imaginary space and gives sharp social comment of the contemporary society.“
International jury, Videomedeja, Serbia. Mikko Mällinen, Goran Skofic, Goran Gocic, November 2nd, 2014
Démontable received an honorable mention at the 18th International Video Festival Videomedeja

„A clever and funny film.”
Aust Agder County’s Youth Jury, June 16th 2014
Démontable received an honorable mention for the Youth Award at The Norwegian Short Film Festival 2014

Sound by Rob Peters

Title design by Bas Koopman

Démontable is distributed by LIMA, contact: theuszwakhals@li-ma.nl

2013 DoorDouwe is a presentation of the 3-channel video installation ‘Démontable’ and it’s corresponding video compilation ‘Vent’ in the Stedelijk Museum Zwolle. It’s my first solo exhibition and took place between the 3rd of November 2013 and January 26th 2014.

The title DOORDOUWE is a double entendre in Dutch, meaning both ‘to persist’ and ‘by Douwe’.

The installation was also shown during Cross Art at Erarta in Saint Petersburg, Russia, May 2014. Presented by Impakt. It was also presented in the installation program of the 10th Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival 2014 in Berwick Upon Tweed, United Kingdom, September 2014.

Using the material presented in this exhibition I created a short film.

Sound and surround mix by Rob Peters
Exhibition photos by Kasper Veenstra


Démontable is distributed by LIMA, contact: theuszwakhals@li-ma.nl


2013 - The Beeldbuis Film Festival is an event festival with a competition for independent short films. For the 2013 edition I created the trailer, leader and bumper videos. A series of films that can also be considered a prelude to the non-commissioned work I made for my exhibition DOORDOUWE.

Rob Peters worked on the sound design for the videos and created the theme music. A track that was also released as a single on iTunes and Spotify.


2009 - In collaboration with Festina Lente Collective I created a music video for the song Beguine. I directed and post produced the video. Beguine is a song from the album Hoofdkaas (2008) by de Kift, a Dutch theatrical punk band from Koog aan de Zaan.

The video won several prizes and was featured at film festivals all over the world, such as the Dance on Camera Festival (nomination Jury Prize/Short Film Category), the Brooklyn Film Festival, the Mexico Film Festival (Golden Palm Award), the Holland Animation Festival (special mention), the Blue Plum Animation Festival (Best of Show Award) the Stockholm International Film Festival, the Cinedans Festival and the Netherlands Film Festival.

“There’s no dance in “Beguine”, yet I loved it. A man who has been having a good time is suddenly tipped, as if by an earthquake, into a vast red lake, on whose floor he quickly arrives. He keeps on falling. (…) The tone is almost casual, and the story is accompanied by an insidious song whose words make clear that its teller is carrying on life as usual, while deep down he weeps. No dancegoer needs to see this film, but many people will find it heart-catching.”
    Alastair Macaulay – THE NEW YORK TIMES, January 28, 2010

“A totally delightful rendering of an outlandish and logical extension of unrequited love danced out to its conclusion.”
    DANCE ON CAMERA FESTIVAL Jury, comprised of Terry Fox, Arthur Aviles and
    Zsoka Nej, March 11, 2010

Beguine was created with support of the Dutch TAX videoclipfonds.


2012 - In March 2012 I followed the Dutch band de Kift to France to create a series of photo collages, constructed using close-up video shots. They create a visual portrait of de Kift that serves as the background for there new website that shows the bands work, both old and new, all within a live atmosphere. In the process I used the same close-up footage to create a short film called ‘De Kift Up Close’.

The website was developed in collaboration with Festina Lente Collective and graphic designer Timon van der Hijden.

We had to say goodbye to the old website we did for de Kift. What is left is an explanation of how that site worked by the band itself that can be found here.


2006 Backpacking is a series of works I created during my artist in residency at Hangar in Barcelona in 2006. Short films with huge backpacks as a shared feature. The coinciding behind-the-scenes film ‘One Day In Barcelona’ sees more than just the studio, showing a whole day from start to finish.

Among other presentations, The Backpacking films were shown in the Cobra Museum of Modern Art Amstelveen as part of the 2006 exhibition Play! The Art of the Game. An exhibition about the parallels between the areas of art and play.


2009~present - A good party deserves encouragement and support, especially when you are throwing one yourself. Starting from the need to promote self organised parties I created several promo videos for dance parties and other events. Often working with limited means and very much in the-spur-of-the-moment, these videos are all joyous solutions to getting people excited for a night of music.

Some of them were made in collaboration with Jules van Hulst, some with Nina Maissouradze. And most of the original uploads can be found here and here.

2011 –  33 Collective (a collaboration between Jules van Hulst, Coen Huisman and myself) was invited by Voi-Z Festival to create an experimental opera based on the classic Bluebeard story. The resulting ‘Bluebeard’ production premiered at the Voi-Z Festival in 2011 and was highly acclaimed by both public and press.

Bluebeard is a theatre piece that primarily uses music, film, animation and video mapping to tell it’s story. It shifts the classical theatre conventions, transforming characters into circumstances and telling the Bluebeard story from the other side of the wall. The resultant atmosphere is that of experiencing the inside of the chambers whilst witnessing a fatal destiny.

“Three-dimensionality is convincingly evoked, and the performers vividly interact with the images — seeming, in one chilling sequence, to sweep up bodies. (…) at its strongest it peers at the world closely and strangely. Early on there is footage of a key being slowly inserted into an arm. That grotesque, riveting image sums up in an instant the potent mixture of violence and mystery at the heart of the Bluebeard story.”
    Zachary Woolfe – THE NEW YORK TIMES, January 12th 2013

“Images flicker and merge across a swiveling white cube and the floor with a sophistication that makes the video projections in conventional opera and theatre productions seem like your granddad’s home movies.”
    Richard Morrison, THE TIMES, November 2012

“Video has infiltrated mainstream opera houses, too, but in Bluebeard, three young artists with a white box have unstoppered a stream of 3-D illusions that the Metropolitan Opera should really be coveting.”
    Justin Davidson – NEW YORK MAGAZINE, January 20th 2013

“This montage of startlingly three-dimensional images, projected on a large revolving cube and the floor, creepily evoked the journey of Bluebeard’s wife through the many forbidden doors of his castle. (…) combines beauty with intense misogyny.”
    Heidi Waleson, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, January 15th 2013

For more information on Bluebeard, visit www.33one3rd.com

2012 - Skeylja is an international artist-in-residence programme focussed around meetings between Dutch, Frisian, Icelandic and English musicians and the visual artists of 33⅓ Collective (the latter is a collaboration between Jules van Hulst, Coen Huisman and myself).

In March 2012 eleven artists went to Iceland for a week and then brought the recorded material to the Oerol Festival on the Dutch island Terschelling. In the resulting Skeylja show a dialogue takes place through improvisation sessions in which collective audio and visual landscapes arise.

Skeylja is the follow-up of ‘Seeljocht‘, an artist in residence project on the island Vlieland. It was performed 8 times on the 2012 edition of the ‘Oerol‘ Festival on Terschelling.

“Skeylja is magically exciting and enchantingly beautiful.”
    JanPaulus van der Meulen and Peter Dijkstra – 3voor12 26th of June

For more information on Skeylja, visit www.33one3rd.com

2011 - Seeljocht (Frisian for sea light) is a research by like-minded musicians and the visual artists of 33⅓ Collective (a collaboration between Jules van Hulst, Coen Huisman and myself) on the island Vlieland. Focussing on their own interpretation and artistic translation of it. A one week working period on the island by all the artists involved let to a one hour live show that is a soundtrack of the sound of nature, both supported and empowered by Vlielands imagery. Mostly, Seeljocht is a warm ode, in which Vlieland’s nature plays a leading role.

Seeljocht was the 2011 artist in residence project of music festival ‘Into the Great Wide Open‘ and was also performed at ‘Explore the North‘ festival in Leeuwarden and ‘Le Guess Who‘ festival in Utrecht.

For more information on Seeljocht, visit www.33one3rd.com